Glass star #39 Lagitatus

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Glass Stars brings to you Lagitatus #39; an elegant glass dildo with 4 slightly graduated balls that will amplify your experience.


  • Compatible with all types of lubricants.
  • The glass is specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • The head is designed for ease of entry.
  • The four slightly graduated marbles will heighten your experience.


  • Made from Pyrex, a highly recommended quality glass.
  • Non-porous, odorless, and body-safe material.
  • Measurements: Tip to Top of Handle – 6.25”. Shaft Length (Bubbled) – 4.5”. Shaft Width (Smallest width) - .75”. Shaft Width (Widest point) – 1.25”.
  • 5 Bubbles in Shaft.

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